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Letter from the Director

Entheos is a K-8 charter school with campuses located in Kearns and Magna, Utah. 

Entheos was founded by a group of Utah parents, who believed that “experiential [authentic, hands-on] and collaborative learning are highly effective”. 

These parents wanted to ensure that our school would welcome “students of any race, color, religion, sex, national or ethnic origin, and hope[d] to attract students who may be struggling with the predominant rote teaching methods [repetition] of public schools” (see original charter document).

Entheos believes that students develop courage to accomplish more than they first thought possible by embarking into adventurous tasks that require self discipline, perseverance, imagination and quality work. 

Entheos was also born out of a desire for an education that would not only include strong academics, but also rest on foundational values. 

Our 3 pillars of Excellence, Service and Leadership are integrated through every aspect of the school and learning experience. When you choose Entheos, you choose this vision!

Today, Entheos is a thriving organization that exemplifies these original intentions. We place a unique emphasis on values and experiential learning through our community-based curriculum, which includes Service Learning in every grade, an incredible Discovery Program, and an Adventure program for our older students.

It is an honor to serve our families and community and we look forward to continuing this great work together.


Esther Blackwell
Executive Director, Entheos Academy