Our Academic Approach

Making Content Standards Come Alive

Learning Expeditions are the signature Expeditionary Learning curricular structure. (Grades K-8)

Learning Expeditions make standards come alive for students. These long-term, in-depth studies offer real-world connections that inspire students toward higher levels of academic achievement. 

Learning expeditions involve students in original research, critical thinking, and problem solving, while build character and academic skills. All learning expeditions explicitly focus on building literacy skills, particularly in reading and writing informational text and writing from evidence.

 Learning Expeditions at Entheos Academy are cross-curricular, meaning that a variety of subjects connect to the learning. They can include all subject areas such as reading, writing, science, art, and music. 

Expeditions are created through a collaborative teacher process, and include elements such as fieldwork, service, connection with experts, and a high quality final product. 

To learn more about your child’s current Learning Expedition, we encourage you to contact their teacher. 

Some grades and teachers use the EL Education, Language Arts Modules as a basis for creating their learning expeditions. 

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95 Core Phonics (K-3)

95 Core Phonics is a program is grounded in the Science of Reading and the Principles of Structured Literacy. Learn More


Dandelion and High Noon Decodables (K-5)

Phonics-based decodable readers give students opportunities to practice decoding text.
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Ready Classroom Mathematics (K-8)

Ready Classroom Mathematics is a comprehensive K-8, evidence-based core mathematics program that makes math accessible to all students.
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Ready Classroom Mathematics has been ranked very highly by EdReports.org. Learn More.

Support Curriculum

iReady Online Reading and Math

iReady is a comprehensive assessment and instruction program that helps all students succeed. By connecting Diagnostic data and Personalized Instruction, i-Ready provides your child with the exact online lessons to meet their level- whether they are struggling or advanced learners! Students at Entheos do approximately 45 minutes of personalized reading instruction and 45 minutes of personalized math instruction with iReady, per week.
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If you would like to help your child with iReady or with additional reading or math supports, we encourage you to visit their Family Center here.

Additional Resources

Sometimes students need additional help to reach their academic potential.

In cases where the curriculum does not meet a students’ specific needs, Entheos Academy selects evidenced-based resources tailored specifically to the needs of your child.

Reading & Math Supports

Occasionally a student will not make sufficient progress through their current intervention; or has been unable to learn with other teaching strategies and require multi-sensory language instruction; or requires more intensive structured literacy instruction due to a language-based learning disability, such as dyslexia.

Entheos will select the curriculum that we feel best meets the needs of the individual student, and some of the more frequent supports are shown here.

Acadience Reading makes it easier to detect K–6 students who are at risk for early reading difficulties in order to provide timely instructional support and prevent the occurrence of later reading difficulties. Learn More.

A great tutoring system for children, teenagers, or adults who struggle with spelling, reading, and writing due to dyslexia or a learning disability. Learn More.

Every child deserves to enter the amazing world that awaits those who can read. For nonreaders, struggling readers, and students with dyslexia, its door can seem forever closed. But the intensive, sequential multi-sensory instruction of S.P.I.R.E.® helps you open it up for all. Learn More.

Wilson is a provider of research-based reading and spelling programs for all ages. Its multisensory, structured curricula – Fundations®, Wilson Just Words®, the Wilson Reading System®, and Wilson Fluency®/Basic have been proven highly effective. Our mission is to provide quality professional learning and ongoing support so that educators have the skills and tools they need to help their students become fluent, independent readers, who are ready to explore the endless possibilities the world of reading has to offer. Learn More.

to Reading MasterySignature Edition! It’s a comprehensive solution that is flexible enough to serve as your intervention program, in addition to your core program, or combine all strands to work together as a complete program. Reading Mastery Signature Edition is research-based and field-tested, and it meets rigorous State Standards. Learn More.

TouchMath is a multi-sensory math program that makes critical math concepts appealing and accessible for students who struggle to understand grade-level content. TouchMath maximizes student potential through hands-on math, cultivating success with individuals of all abilities and learning styles. Learn More.

Reflex Math is the most effective solution for any student that needs to build math fact fluency. Using fact families and delivering the right facts at the right time for each individual student, it meets students where they are. It’s been used in thousands of classrooms to successfully support students at grade level, at risk, and with special needs. Learn more.