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Our adventure program is designed for students to learn curriculum through an outdoor experience.  Each adventure is based on subject specific curriculum and helps teachers teach the state standards in a more real life way.  The adventures take the students out of the classroom where they can see, touch, and experience what they are learning.  These experiences create an environment where deeper learning can occur and can make their learning longer lasting.  While outdoors the students are able to appreciate the natural world and learn how to take care of their surroundings.  Students are able to gain a variety of other skills while on these adventures.  We teach the students character building traits like selflessness, respect, perseverance, teamwork, responsibility and a variety of others.  These traits they learn will then in turn help them be better students and better citizens in the community. We have taken Adventure Trips to Dinosaur National Monument, Lake Powell, Cedar City, Moab, Diamond Fork Canyon, Camp Williams, and Camp Tuttle.

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