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The Mission of Entheos

Inspire the rising generation to reach the heights of their potential, ignite their curiosity to venture into challenging new learning experiences, and empower them to be leaders through service, who are committed to family and community. THEN, they can achieve their goals and dreams!

Recent School News

Dr. Seuss Breakfast Party at the Kearns Campus!

In honor of the birthday of Dr. Seuss, our Kearns campus is throwing a free cinnamon roll breakfast party for all Entheos Kearns students and their families! You can find the details of the event below, or download the brochure. Bring some books to read together and...

Primacy of Self Discovery: Kearns Elementary Performance

Entheos Academy's Kearns Campus is proud to present the Primacy of Self Discovery Elementary Performance! This event is a celebration of learning to showcase what our elementary students are learning in Discovery. You can find the details of the event below, or...

New Website!

It's finally here! We've completely re-designed our website with a new look and feel! The new site has been designed for ease of navigation, as well as accessibility to users with disabilities. During the first few weeks of migration, you may find sections of the site...