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Magna Crew – Programs

On this page you will find our current Kearns campus special education, discovery, art, etc. teachers and aides.

(Last Updated: Nov. 1, 2020)



Alicia Seeley

Discovery Program Coordinator | [email protected]

Mrs. Seeley is the Discovery Program Coordinator. She coordinates with local partners and organizes unique classes for our students to participate in throughout the school year. Her favorite EL Design Principle is “Diversity and Inclusion”. This principle teaches students to have respect and value towards different communities, cultures, and backgrounds. Entheos has such a large diverse population, and being able to learn together creates stronger bonds one with another. Mrs. Seeley enjoys camping and reading. She would someday like to visit Greece, their ancient ruins, and black sand beaches which she finds fascinating. Mrs. Seeley is finishing her time at Salt Lake Community College and will be transferring to Utah State University for Elementary Education.


Heather Pentico

Paraprofessional | [email protected]

Mrs. Pentico is the Discovery Para. Her favorite EL Design Principle is “The Primacy Of Self Discovery”. She encourages others to push the limits, explore new things, and try the unexpected in order to discover the best in themselves. Reading books and bright colors are two of her favorite things. She is a Hufflepuff and Audrey Hepburn is her spirit animal. Mrs. Pentico majored in theatre at SUU.

English Language Learners (ELL)


Matt Merkley

ELL Director | [email protected]

Mr. Matt is the ELL Director for both Entheos campuses. His favorite EL Design Principle is “The Responsibility of Learning.” He believes that is everyone’s responsibilty to learn and to have fun while doing it. The more fun we have, the better the learning experience will be. The thing that he likes most about Entheos is the opportunity to work with many students who are learning English one on one. He loves to garden, go fishing and hang out with his family especially at the Oregon coast. He is married and has 6 children. He graduated from Weber State University and got a Master’s degree in English Language Learning from Western Governors University.


Ashley Castro

Paraprofessional | [email protected]

Ms. Ashley is a paraprofessional in ELL (English Language Learners). Her favorite design principle is “Diversity and Inclusion.” She believes that being open to differing world views can help us understand each other better and make our community strong. She enjoys reading and loves to sing along to musical soundtracks like Hamilton and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. She graduated from Tufts University in 2019.



LaVon Hatch

Librarian | [email protected]

Mrs. Hatch is the Librarian. Her favorite EL Design Principle is “The Having of Wonderful Ideas” because a library is a great place to explore, let your imagination grow and learn about new things. She also encourages “Solitude and Reflection” in the library. For over 6 years, Mrs. Hatch has been the Entheos librarian, and has loved to see many wonderful students growing up and learning to read. She loves reading aloud as well as listening to audio books. Recently, she traveled to China with her daughters on a performing tour. Mrs. Hatch graduated from the University of Utah with a BA in Spanish.

Service Learning & 4H


Melanie Louviere

Service Learning Coordinator | [email protected]

Mrs. Louviere is the Service Learning Coordinator. She loves the EL Design Principle “Service and Compassion”, which is a great fit since she gets to help students learn how to serve! She thinks this principle is important because even our youngest students can learn how to become amazing leaders and change the world. She was recently able to put some of this into action herself in villages on the other side of the world. In addition to service and having new adventures, Mrs. Louviere loves to read and spend time with her favorite people. She graduated from USU and is currently attending SUU.


Deb Ivie

4H Coordinator | [email protected]

Mrs. Ivie helps the community of Entheos by doing service learning and the after-school program. Her favorite part of her job at Entheos is seeing kids learn. Mrs. Ivie’s favorite place to visit is her family farm because her entire family is there. Mrs. Ivie’s favorite place to visit is different than home because there are no video games or TV. They play lots of board games. Mrs. Ivie’s favorite animal is a Manatee.

Special Education


Jennifer Teo

Special Education Teacher | [email protected]

Mrs. Jenn is a Special Education Teacher. Her favorite EL Design Principle is “Service and Compassion”. She truly believes that when people are able to serve others, their lives will be blessed. She loves to craft and decorate for Christmas. Her favorite place to visit is Bear Lake every summer with her family. Mrs. Jenn graduated from the University of Utah with a BS in Psychology.


Natausha Calveri

Special Education Teacher | [email protected]

Ms. Tausha works as a teacher in our Special Education department. She loves providing opportunities for kiddos to use their imagination and creativity to discover the variety of ways that are available to them to solve problems, serve others, and discover connections in their learning. The ocean is her happy place where she feels the most peace. She enjoys playing sports. She studied martial arts for 15 years and loved it. She loves being a mom and teacher. She has a soft spot in her heart for animals, while dogs and horses are her favorites. She has a tender heart for all animals . . . so much so that while in high school, she would steal the frogs and snakes from the biology department to set them free (don’t get any ideas though!). She loves music and has played and taught every stringed instrument except the harp (so far). She studied medicine and psychology at BYU, graduated in education and music therapy from USU, and completed a 6-month internship at the U of U. She liked them all for different reasons. Mostly, she just loves to learn!


Shirron Peterson

Paraprofessional | [email protected]

Mrs. Shirron is a Special Education Para. She has been married over 30 years and has 3 children and 3 grandsons. She has been in Special Ed over 20 years – 3 years as a volunteer. Her own daughter with special needs was her motivation to become a teacher and she loves her kiddos in the SPED program. Mrs. Shirron has been educated in various areas , A Class Para , to OT, PT, and a BHA.


Cari Stott

Paraprofessional | cari.st[email protected]

Mrs. Cari works in our Special Education Department at Entheos. She tends to go by the self-guided learning design as it allows for those involved to be as creative, innovative, and as involved as they wish to be. In her spare time, she enjoys seeing plays or movies with her husband. She earned her associates degree in Elementary Education from Casper College and her BA degree in Elementary Education from the University of Wyoming at Casper.

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