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Magna Crew – Middle School

On this page you will find our current Magna campus middle school teachers, and the paraprofessionals who assist them.

(Last Updated: Aug. 25, 2020)



Charity Foutz

Math Teacher | [email protected]

Mrs. Foutz is a Middle School Math Teacher – grades 6-8. Her favorite EL Design Principle is “Empathy and Caring”. She believes when people care for each other and empathize, it creates a positive environment where people are happier and can learn more. The thing she likes most about Entheos is the low student to teacher ratio and the emphasis on growth mindset. She likes to play video games and read in her free time. Someday she hopes to travel to Scotland. Mrs. Foutz attended New Mexico Tech.


Leslie Harris

Social Studies Teacher | [email protected]

Ms. Harris teaches MS Social Studies. Her favorite EL Design Principle is “Service and Compassion” because it helps students learn more about what it means to be a part of a community and helps them see the application of what they learn in the classroom as it applies to the world. When she’s not teaching, she enjoys karaoke, soap making, and writing. She has a cat named Missy with whom she loves spending time. Ms. Harris is a BYU graduate in English Education, and recently graduated with her Masters in Education.


Alaina Hendricks

Art Teacher | [email protected]

Mrs. Hendricks is the Art Teacher. Her favorite EL Design Principle is “Empathy and Caring” because she believes that students do better in a school environment where they feel safe and loved. Students learn to care for others and themselves by example, creating a better, kinder world. Creativity thrives where students feel welcome to be themselves! She loves to create art and make memories with her classes. She has illustrated eight published children’s books, which are available through alainaluise.com or at the Entheos library. When she isn’t teaching art or making her own art, she loves to play with her pets, practice French, watch Disney movies, and take warm vacations. Mrs. Hendricks graduated from Brigham Young University in Illustration.


Justin Leavitt

Language Arts Teacher | [email protected]

Mr. Leavitt is a MS Language Arts Teacher. His favorite EL Design Principle is “The Having of Wonderful Ideas” He is a Navy Veteran. He likes trucks, cowboy boots, and country music. Oh yeah….and Shakespeare. Mr Leavitt graduated from Utah State with a BA in English Education.


Nicole Napolski

Science Teacher | nicol[email protected]

Biography Not Available


Jeff Stirland

P.E. & Health Teacher | [email protected]

Mr. Stirland teaches P.E. and Health. His favorite EL Design Principle is “Empathy and Caring”. He strives to provide an open and welcoming classroom atmosphere to make all students feel welcome and accepted. Compassion is at the heart of a successful society and everyone deserves to feel able to be themselves. In his free time, Mr. Stirland loves to be adventurous: traveling, hiking, mountain biking, boating, and snowboarding are among many things he loves! Mr. Stirland graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Utah.


Melanie Goulding

CTE/CCA Teacher | [email protected]

Mrs. Goulding is the CTE/CCA teacher. Her favorite EL Design Principle is “Empathy and Caring.” She loves seeing students treating others with respect and feeling like they are cared for. She is originally from Orem Utah, but has lived in Florida and Idaho over the years before returning to Utah. She loves traveling, sewing, and cooking. She has taught for one year, and hopes to continue to teach for a very long time. Mrs. Goulding has earned her teaching degree from Brigham Young University – Idaho.



Caitlyn McAllister

Paraprofessional | [email protected]

Ms. Caitlyn (Ms. Cat) is the MS Math Para. Her favorite EL Design Principle is “The Natural World.” The world is very precious and people can learn so much from observing the world. One day she would love to visit Japan and hopes that her career takes her to many different places around the world to learn about all kinds of cultures. She loves to play video games, read, watch shows, and draw. Ms. Cat has an Associates degree from Utah State University and is currently attending The University of Utah studying Archaeology.

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