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District Crew

On this page you will find our district-wide crew. Some of the pictures and bios on this page were created by our Kearns 2nd Grade crew!

(Last Updated: 09/26/2019)


Esther Blackwell

Executive Director | [email protected]

Ms. Esther helps the school community by keeping everyone safe and learning. Her favorite part of Entheos is getting to know all the students and seeing their smiley faces. Her favorite place to visit is any wild place because she loves nature. It’s different from her home because it’s very quiet and peaceful. She decided to be a part of Entheos because she knew it was a great school and she loves service at Entheos.

By Axel


Mat Edvik

Director of Curriculum and Instruction | [email protected]

Biography Not Available


Melanie Louviere

Service Learning Director | [email protected]

Mrs. Louviere helps Entheos Academy by bringing service into the school as part of the students `experiences. Her favorite part of her job is she likes seeing students get excited about helping others. Her favorite place to visit is anywhere new because she likes to see new things. This is different than her home because every part of the world has different cultures and experiences than what she is used to. Her favorite thing to do in school is to visit with students.

By: Sophia


Matthew Merkley

English Language Learner Director | [email protected]

Mr. Matt is the ELL Director for both Entheos campuses. His favorite EL Design Principle is “The Responsibility of Learning.” He believes that is everyone’s responsibilty to learn and to have fun while doing it. The more fun we have, the better the learning experience will be. The thing that he likes most about Entheos is the opportunity to work with many students who are learning English one on one. He loves to garden, go fishing and hang out with his family especially at the Oregon coast. He is married and has 6 children. He graduated from Weber State University and got a Master’s degree in English Language Learning from Western Governors University.


Patsy Milligan

Special Education Director | [email protected]

Biography Not Available


Raegan Nielsen

Food Service Director | [email protected]

Ms. Raegan Nielsen Works at Entheos Academy. She decides what’s for lunch and breakfast. Her favorite Design Principle at Entheos is Success and failure. This means, Success is sweet but mistakes are good food. She likes this Design Principle because We can’t succeed without failing first. She says that the thing she loves most about Entheos is Discovery. She also likes to Read. She says that To kill a Mockingbird is her favorite book. Someday She hopes to travel to Europe for a vacation because It would be fun to be on a vacation for a year. It is important to make goals and to follow your dreams. We are so glad to have her here at Entheos.

By: Lysander


Jeremy Prows

Maintenance Supervisor | [email protected]

This year I interviewed Mr. Jeremy as a way to get to know the community of workers at Entheos and the amazing work they do. Mr. Jeremy helps the community of Entheos by driving the Entheos bus, maintenance coordinator and a lot of other things for Entheos. His favorite part of his job at Entheos is seeing the kids having fun and learning. Mr. Jeremy’s favorite place to visit is Lagoon with his family because it makes them happy. His favorite place to visit is different than home because of the roller coasters. Mr. Jeremy’s favorite animal is the Orca because they live in family groups and are intelligent.

By: Siale


Sue Talmadge

Director of HR and Compliance | [email protected]

Biography Not Available


Dina Wecker

Assessment Director | [email protected]

This year I interviewed Ms. Dina as a way to get to know the community of workers at Entheos and the amazing work they do. Ms. Dina helps the community of Entheos by keeping the student’s safe. Her favorite part of her job at Entheos is working with the student’s. Ms. Dina’s favorite place to visit is Paris, France.
Ms. Dina’s favorite place to visit is different than home because she gets to speak a different language. If Ms. Dina could have one superpower, it would be to be invisible because she could go anywhere.

By: Laura

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