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Entheos was born out of a desire for education that would not only include academics, but also fundamental core values; the foremost being the three pillars of Excellence, Service, and Leadership, creating the foundation for which the other values can be upheld effectively.

These values are integrated throughout every aspect of the school. Staff members that join the Entheos team must be willing to create and live within a culture that completely embraces this vision; everything will be measured against it. Students and families must realize that by choosing Entheos, they choose this vision.


We believe students and teachers should be challenged, and that they will naturally rise to the high standards expected of them.


We believe service is vital in the development of good leaders.  We make service within the classroom and the community an integral part of our curriculum.


We believe that through the teaching of sound leadership principles today, students will be empowered to make a difference in their world tomorrow.


We believe that learning is a choice.  As we create the atmosphere and inspire the mind, students gain wisdom, understanding, and a love for learning.


We believe each student is unique and gifted. We know each individually and tailor teaching methods to fit individual needs.


We believe that love for country is developed at an early age.  We teach and live the principles taught by the founding fathers of the United States of America.


We believe the family is the basic social structure for rearing children.  Schools are designed to serve the family and society.  We intend policies and education that support and strengthen families.  When there is a conflict of schedule or curriculum, the family comes first.


We believe all people have value and deserve respect.  Our students and staff show proper respect to others, property, and self by appropriate communication, dress, and actions.


We believe in honesty, accountability, and diligence.


We believe outdoor adventure helps participants learn teamwork, courage, craftsmanship, perseverance, and compassion while discovering they can accomplish more than they imagined.

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