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Policies and Procedures

This page outlines the official Policies and Procedures for Entheos Academy.

Download the Board Policies Manual (PDF)

Administration and Staff Contract (PDF)

Admission and Dismissal (PDF)

Animal on Premises Policy (PDF)

Anti-Discrimination Policy (PDF)

Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act – AHERA (PDF)

Attendance and Tardy Policy (PDF)

Background Check and Student Safety Policy (PDF)

Board of Trustee Protocol (PDF)

Bullying Policy (PDF)

Bylaws (PDF)

Camping and Other Overnight Fieldwork Excursions (PDF)

Cash Dispursement Policy (PDF)

Cash Receipts Policy (PDF)

Charter School Extracurricular Activities at Other Public Schools (PDF)

Classroom Content (PDF)

Club Policy (PDF)

Communication (PDF)

Consequence of Violation to Contract – Discipline Policy (PDF)

Counseling Services Policy (PDF)

Data Breach Policy (PDF)

Data Dictionary

Data Governance Policy (PDF)

Data Ownership and Access Policy (PDF)

Donations, Gifts, and Sponsorships Policy (PDF)

Employee & Student Computer Acceptable Use Agreement (PDF)

Employee Complaint Resolution Policy (PDF)

Employee Evaluation (PDF)

Employee Security and Privacy Training Policy (PDF)

Employee Staff Code of Conduct (PDF)

Employee Termination Policy (PDF)

Events and Activities Policy (PDF)

Extracurricular Activities (PDF)

Family and Medical Leave (PDF)

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act – FERPA (PDF)

Fieldwork Protocol (PDF)

Fiscal Procedures (PDF)

Full-Time and Dual Enrollment Policy (PDF)

Fundraising Policy (PDF)

Healthy Treat Ideas (PDF)

Hiring Process Policy (PDF)

Insurance (PDF)

Looping Policy (PDF)

Lunch Collection Policy (PDF)

Maternity and Paternity Leave (PDF)

Meal Charge Policy (PDF)

Non-School Property Policy (PDF)

Nutrition Collection Policy (PDF)

Para-professional Policy (PDF)

Personal Relationship Policy (PDF)

Technology Security Policy (PDF)

Website Payment Privacy Policy (PDF)

Website Payment Terms of Service (PDF)

Wellness Letter (PDF)

Wellness Policy (PDF)